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STATTUS Technology Inc now offers

A Louvered Roofing System

STATTUS designs, builds and installs the most beautiful works of outdoor art you have ever seen. We use extruded aluminum and only the most carefully tooled parts for assembly. Our materials come with a 15-year warranty on both the materials and finishes and a 5-year warranty on all electronics.
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Features of STATTUS Louvered Roof

  • Patent pending design
  • Remote Control or Wall Switch – You can open or close your louvers using a handheld remote control or a professionally installed wall switch
  • Rain Protection – Our Rain Sensor automatically senses rain and closes your louvers to protect you and your furniture.
  • Adjustable Shade and Light – Use your remote control to select the amount of sun or shade you desire
  • Hurricane Wind Load – Miami Dade Rated
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Solar Powered Options
  • Virtually No Maintenance
  • For Commercial & Residential Use
  • Made in America

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